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Our Themes at a Glance:
  • Advanced CMS Functionality
  • Flexible Modular Layouts
  • 20 Collapsible Widget Areas
  • Mega Drop Down Menu
  • Menu Icons and Sublines
  • Unlimited Custom Colors
  • Two-Tier Widget Logic
  • Sales and Squeeze Pages
  • Marketing Graphics
  • And So Much More...

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Want a Website Built with a Premium WordPress Theme that Stands out from All of the Rest? Give TheTheFly a Try!

TheTheFly club has all free and premium themes and plugins that will have your WordPress-based blog bursting with originality, personality, and pizzazz!

Your Layout, Your Colors … Your Style!

Let’s Have a Closer Look…

TheTheFly Premium WP Themes’ Powerful Key Features

All our free and premium themes are built on our own in-house developed WP themes framework. When used in conjunction with WordPress, TheTheFly’s framework expands the functionality of WordPress – taking it from a blogging platform all the way to a fully-functioning, advanced Content Management System (CMS).

Highly extendable and fast, TheTheFly’s framework has a hybrid fluid-pixel grid – making it attractive, easy to edit, and super-fast on every browser! Because all of our themes have been constructed on this framework, each theme has flexible modular layouts with nearly 24 collapsible widget-ready areas. All of these widgets are supplied with two-tiered widget appearance logic.

What does all of this mean? It means you no longer have to settle for old-fashioned webpage templates. You know: the pages that either have the single sidebar or the full-width. With TheTheFly’s themes, you can make your WordPress-based website as elaborate, eye-catching, and as unique as you want. Virtually any design that you dream up can be made into a reality with TheTheFly, thanks to its flexible grid with its multi-columned, flexible modular layout.

View how you can change your theme layout using the theme admin panel (click to enlarge).

TheThe Fly Framework Theme Admin Panel Screenshot - Layout Folder

All of the widget zones are fully collapsible. There’s no markup in the HTML code for inactive zones and zones containing no widgets. Widget Zones include:

  • CONTENT AREA ZONES: Content Top, Content Bottom, Content Left, Content Right, In-Between Posts;
  • TWO TOP ZONES: Top Vertical Blocks and Top Horizontal Blocks;
  • TWO BOTTOM ZONES: Bottom Vertical Blocks and Bottom Horizontal Blocks, plus
  • AND MORE: Top, Bottom, Left-Bar, Right-Bar, Header, Search Bar, Top-Bars, Footer.

Let’s Talk Color – Premium Themes With Countless Color Schemes

Our themes allow users to pick their own color schemes. It starts when users indicate 1 to 4 of their color preferences (whether the user is working in a personal site or a corporate/organization’s site).

The rest is simple:

  • Color Pallet Automatic Setup: Our theme’s PHP script determines sub-colors automatically, based on the main colors users select.
  • PHP Style Sheet: No need to have a CSS files for each color. A single CSS file containing all the users’ preferences takes care of all the colors. And, when the users alter the settings through the administration panel, an optimized and compressed CSS file is created and cached.
  • Single Graphics Set Works for All: A half-transparent PNG image is placed on different color backgrounds.

View how you can change your theme color scheme using the theme admin panel (click to enlarge).

Don’t Be Typical with Your Typeface!

Numerous Fonts from which to Choose

After that carefully placed splashes of color, another good way to add unique touches to your website is to pick fonts (typefaces) that reflect your content or personal style.

For Example …

You can be formal with the Times New Roman font.

Or, you can be fancy with the Lucinda Calligraphy font.

You can be funny with the Comic Sans MS font.

Or, you can be flirty with the Impact font.

The choice is yours!

Changeable Backgrounds and Headers

Our themes support and enhance WordPress 3.x header/background customization features. Many of the themes come with several header and/or background/texture options as well as with an option to upload your own header, background or texture.

New Standard WordPress Post Formats Support

There are numerous post formats offered by TheTheFly’s themes for WordPress-based sites. Here are just a few:

Default post format.

standard post format

Post format Image.

image post format

Post format Gallery.

gallery post format

Post format Video.

video post format

Ultrafast Loading

Because of minimal file requests, gzip compression and image sprites, the loading time for images, videos, etc. is extremely fast!

Menu System

TheTheFly offers a choice of 3 to 5 completely CSS-driven, with optional Javascript (JS), main menu types including Mega Drop-down Menu with icon and subtitle support, Classic Drop-down, and Inline Drop-down menus.

Not familiar with Mega Drop-down Menus? It’s a simple concept that makes your WordPress-based site look professional and visitor-friendly – plus, it eliminates the need for too much scrolling when trying to navigate the site. Web giants, such as MTV and Reuters newsgathering organization – and many others, use this sort of menu.

A Mega Drop-down Menu is a complex CSS-driven, and sometimes JS-driven, menu with at least two menu levels dropping down simultaneously, frequently with image usage (mostly icons). Multi-Column layout of the drop-down windows is another common element of this type of menu.

Drop-down Menu Screenshots

TheThe Marketing - Premium WordPress Theme - Mega Menu

TheThe Promotion - Premium WordPress Theme - Mega Menu

There are also 2 to 3 types of Top-bar and Blog Menus with icon support.

Sales, Squeeze and Opt-in Pages – For Business-Oriented Web Sites

Designing a WordPress-based site with business or commercial objectives in mind? TheTheFly can help with that, too!

Not only does a TheTheFly and WordPress user get pre-designed sales pages and squeeze page templates, the user also receives gets a package of marketing graphics that allows for the creation of eye-catching landing pages.

Simply put, you would be hard-pressed to find very many – if any – WordPress theme developers which offer this option. See for yourself. See for yourself. Click on any or all of the following screenshots:

Squeeze Page Screenshots

TheThe Promotion- Premium WordPress Theme - Squeeze Page

TheThe Marketing - Premium WordPress Theme - Squeeze Page

Salespage Screenshots

TheThe Marketing - Premium WordPress Theme - Salespage TheThe Promotion- Premium WordPress Theme - Salespage

Automatic Theme and Framework Update

TheTheFly users can always view their most recent, available theme and framework version indicators. With direct links, upgrading and updating is fast and easy!

Getting to the Top – Search Engine Optimization

TheTheFly’s themes are built with HTML code which has the search engine positioning content first in the HTML layout, then the header area and finally, the sidebars and footers. That way, your content is crawled first by search engines. It’ll help place your site at or near the top of the search result pile.

Compatibility with All our Free WordPress Plugins

The themes by TheThe Fly are not only compatible with all our free WP plugins like: TheThe Tabs and Accordions, TheThe Sliding Panels, TheThe Image Slider but also include all the styles pre-designed for them.

Giving You More Options

Smart RSS, Comments& Javascript Loading Management

Smart RSS management of TheTheFly’s WordPress framework enables users to:

  • Exclude category;
  • Subscribe to a specific category;
  • Make a timeout before adding a published post to RSS output;
  • Delete an RSS entry;
  • Re-direct to FeedBurner service; and
  • Insert ads in the RSS output.

Our smart comments manager enables users to:

  • Automatic SPAM deleting;
  • Separate the author and trackback styling;
  • Remove URLs from the post;
  • And so much more!

Other noteworthy features of TheTheFly’s Framework:

  • Twitter Hacks Integration
  • Extensive Shortcode Library
  • User-friendly WP Administration Theme Options Console
  • Installation Packages (full WordPress installation packages with demo content for every theme)
  • Sliced Image Source Files – allows users to customize the theme’s appearance
  • Full compatibility – TheTheFly Framework works with all of the TheTheFly products and plug-ins.
  • Themes that are W3C and CSS valid, and that work with Firefox 3.5+, IE7+, Safari 4+, Opera 10+, and Google Chrome 8+ browsers
  • 960-pixel grid based layout – making your site attractive and easily viewable.
  • Layered and organized PSD (Photoshop) source files (available for developer memberships only).

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Club Members Say

I really look forward to the release of each new theme. With such an intuitive and interactive back end, customizations are a breeze. My favorite: the color schemes, of course!

Carolyn Moore

As a Best Selling Author and International Therapist my website has become a key to running my busy offices in Sydney, London and New York. I purchased the THETHE Marketing theme as it appeared to be the best one for my practice. During that time my team have needed help with several items and indeed the list began to grow as our people were not that familiar with code.

The technical support, back up and service that we required meant that the staff at THETHE went out of their way to help us. They have been the very best technical support team I have experienced since the Internet arrived... and I have owned many websites over the years and these guys are brilliant.

Every time we contacted them they were there to offer assistance and advice.Thank you guys your service and expertise is remarkable.

Dr Patrick McNally PhD
Author and Philosopher




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