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TheThe Image Slider Live Demo

Below are some examples of our free image slider – TheThe Image Slider.

Example 1: Surfers…

Style: Frame Black, Paginator: Numbers, Bottom Right, Effects used: Random, Caption.

468true numbers bottomright 340true 800
  • 5000 random false 40 bottom
  • 5000 random true 32 top

    You can use links in the caption area!

  • 15000 random true 100 left

    Use caption in the left, right, top or bottom position. Control your caption size. Many HTML tags are allowed here including links.

  • 5000 random false 100 bottom
  • 5000 random false 100 bottom
  • 5000 random false 100 bottom
  • 5000 random false 100 bottom
  • 5000 random false 100 bottom
  • 5000 random false 100 bottom

Example 2: Transport Giants

Style: Frame White, Paginator: Slide Names, Bottom Left, Effects used: Random, Caption.

600true slidenames bottomleft 264true 800
  • 5000 random false 0 bottom
  • 5000 random false 0 bottom
  • 5000 random false 0 bottom
  • 5000 random false 32 bottom
    Thumbs Demo
  • 5000 random false 32 top
    Numbers Demo
Thumbs Demo
Numbers Demo

Example 3: On The Water

Style: White Rounded, Paginator: Thumbs, Top Left, Effects used: Random, Caption.

600true thumbnails topleft 400true 500
  • 5000 random false 50 bottom
  • 5000 slideright false 50 bottom
  • 5000 random false 60 bottom
    Under The Sea

Example 4: Interior Design

Style: Square White 2, Paginator: Dots, Bottom Right, Effects used: Random, Caption.

600true dots bottomright 400true 800
  • 5000 fade true 200 left

    Use caption in the left, right, top or bottom position. Control your caption size. Many HTML tags are allowed here including links.

  • 5000 fade true 120 right

    Use caption in the left, right, top or bottom position. Control your caption size. Many HTML tags are allowed here including links.

Example 5: Body Art Slider

Style Black Frame, Paginator Type/Position: Dots/Top Right, Effects used: Slide from Right/Fade, Caption: Bottom, Gray.

600true dots topright 459true 800
  • 5000 slideright true 32 bottom
     The Fly
    Model: Dina Korol, Body Artist: Milena Nedbaeva, Photo by: Dennis Nedbaev
  • 5000 fade true 32 bottom
    Model: Dina Korol, Body Artist: Milena Nedbaeva, Photo by: Dennis Nedbaev

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76 Responses to “TheThe Image Slider Live Demo”

  1. Mark says:

    This plugin Rocks! I was searching for an “easy to use” and “cool looking” plugin for about 2-hours, 7-plugins later I found this one! Tks guys for a great plugin!

    • TheThe Fly says:

      Thank you Mark for your warm words. We keep working on this plugin and are going to add the following features in the future:

      * Thumbs on the right pagination
      * Edit Slide link on a slide front for admin
      * More CSS styles
      * More transition effects
      * Localization
      * Proportional thumbs

      And do not hesitate to write to us, if you have any ideas on how to develop this slider further!

  2. Ashley says:

    I keep laying the short code within the page desired to have the image slider present on but it will not play, It shows on the screen as if it is loading but to no show.

    Any suggestions?


  3. siliconsoul says:

    This is about the greatest slider that i found for wordpress.
    I have a few questions though:

    1. is there way to make the bullet pagination look like in avia slider (smaller, without background and located outside the slide, at bottom)?

    2. is there a way to have more background color and opacity levels for captions?

    • TheThe Fly says:

      Yes, there is such a way! Just click Edit link next to your slider and scroll down the page. You will see many options to choose: Pagination Type, Pagination Position, Style… Play with them to make yourself familiar with all the possible configurations. Also, you will see Caption options at the bottom – try them as well.

  4. Craig says:

    Hey guys,

    Just starting out in the world of WordPress and stumbled upon your slider. absolutely brilliant and so easy to use. Thanks heaps…

  5. Judie says:


    You did an excellent work, this is a great plugin!
    Is there a way to implement it in my theme, with php code?


    • TheThe Fly says:


      if (function_exists('get_thethe_image_slider')) {
       print get_thethe_image_slider('SliderName');
      • Judie says:

        Perfect, thank you :-)

        • cher says:

          Hi Julie,
          Please could you help.
          I want to use the php code for the image slide for my site and am not sure where to insert the php code.
          Insert in the Theme template?
          Also I have installed the plugin but it’s not working. I am using the twenty eleven theme.

          Any help will be much appreciated.

  6. elie says:

    hi guys, this plugin works on my blog’s Pages/posts but not on the Home page..

    I wonder why? could you help me with this?

  7. Visitor from Clinton, US says:

    It appears that the timthumb.php file in your image-slider plugin is still
    vulnerable to the Zero Day exploit ( ) I’m not
    a coder, but when I replace your timthumb.php file with the original
    author’s suggested update ( ) it
    disables the Thumbnails pagination type. For now, I have simply commented
    out the suggested lines of code. You may want to update your plugin to
    protect others from getting hacked. BTW, this plugin is AWESOME! Besides
    the timthumb problem, only one glitch found: if you enable Show Caption on
    the first slide, no other slides will have captions regardless of your
    Thanks! And good luck!

    • TheThe Fly says:

      Thank you for this report!

      The problems have been fixed with 1.0.1 version.

  8. elie says:


    I agree with everyone here. this is the best slider plugin I’ve ever seen for wordpress.

    anyway, I went back to suggest if you guys could provide more ‘pagination’ designs.

    also, I’m currently using the ‘thumbnail’ as pagination and I was trying to change how the thumbnail appears. I tried changing the thumbnails on wp and it does not work. =( help?

    maybe it would be great too if there’s an option on what thumbnails to show for each slide.

    • TheThe Fly says:

      Thank yo for your suggestion. Manual thumbnail creation could be a really good alternative to automatic ones for pro sliders.

      As for thumbnail appearance, you can use Custom Style folder to edit CSS directly to fine-tune your slider.

  9. Iris says:

    Great plugin. It sets up fine on one of my client demo sites for all of the features you offer, but I can’t get a smaller slider to go over to the left side of the text on a page.

    What I want to do is get the slider images to show up sometimes in the top left of a page with the text wrapped around it just like it wrap around any image. Other times I want to place the slider on the right top or middle of text, but it keeps separating itself from the text and centering itself.

    Is there code to add to accomplish this left positioning of a slider that is not as wide as the page, including text wrapping? Is it in the plugin code itself or am I not seeing a setting? Thanks!

  10. suus says:


    Great slider thx!, only thing is that i cant see the pics. I see the small pics at the top but for the big pics it keeps loading? Can you give a tip?


  11. Liz says:

    Oooh, I love this thing! I can’t believe how hard it was to find, I searched for hours. This is exactly what I wanted! However, I can’t make the “link URL” work. I have filled in a regular URL in the “edit slide” option, but nothing happens. Shouldn’t I be able to click the slide image and get redirected to that URL, or am I misunderstanding something?

    • TheThe Fly says:

      Hello Liz,

      Thank you for your comment. Actually, to make a slide URL work you must turn off controls. Just edit your slider and uncheck the Show Controls checkbox.

      Please help other people find us easier by placing a link to us, sending tweets about us and mentioning us on FB.

      • Liz says:

        Thanks for your quick reply! Ok, that works. Great!

        But when I was trying out other themes for the slider (after I posted the comment), it appeared as if it worked with every other theme but the theme I want to use (White square 2). That seems kinda weird? If I pick, let’s say, Frame Black, then my links are actually working. Without me having to turn off the controls. Hmm?

        • TheThe Fly says:

          Try to choose a theme that uses jQuery correctly to prevent conflicts of scripts.

  12. Edgar says:

    Thanks so much! This slide rocks!!! It is by far the best on the entire selection of WordPress!!!

  13. anakop says:

    Hi, I’m new to wordpress, could you help me please, I don’t know how to apply this plugin. How can I choose images that I want to be shown in slider? Thanks and sorry for such a simple question, I’m learning…

    • TheThe Fly says:

      Here is a Quick Start Guide. And feel free to ask for support in our Support Forum. All images are uploaded through a standard WordPress Media Uploader.

  14. Martin Diller says:

    I like the demos. Looks great. I like the plugin, it seems running. I like to build a slider, really nice looking but is there a possibility for you guyes to make a small documentation how to use it? I dont know how to get images in my slider? There are a lot interesting plugin, but nobady seems to be able to make a how-to for noncracks.

    • TheThe Fly says:

      On the Slider and Slides page of the plugin’s admin panel you will see your sliders listed. Move your mouse over a slider name and you will find the Edit Slides link. Click on it and you will get into Add/Edit Slide mode where you will be able to add an image through a standard WP Media Uploader. That’s it!

  15. Ron says:

    Very slick, give it a 4.8/5.0 A couple of things:

    - On Sliders and Slides tap the Slider Name does not appear. I mouse over and the edit tags appear.
    - It would be great to have global changes available instead of having to make a change to each slide one-at-a-time.
    - I have transition time of 3500 and delay of 10000 and showing captions. When the first slide appears the caption also immediately appears. Then the next slides has a delay before the caption appears. I’d like to have that delay also on the first slide.

    Again, great plugin – one of the BEST !


  16. Eduardo says:

    I can’t put the slider on the home of my page. Do you know how put it?
    I was implement:

    if (function_exists(‘get_thethe_image_slider’)) {
    print get_thethe_image_slider(‘SliderName’);

    on home.php (content area) but not see the images on the page.

    Thanks a lot!

    • TheThe Fly says:

      Please replace ‘Slider Name’ in the code with your real slider name.

  17. David White says:

    Here’s a nice bit of code that lets you use a custom field to send the image slider short code to a custom page template and and play it so you can control exact placement and use different sliders on different pages. I found it useful, I hope you do too.

    echo do_shortcode(get_post_meta($post->ID, “slider”, true));

  18. Андрей says:

    отличный плагин сейчас скачаю

    • TheThe Fly says:

      Надеюсь мы оправдаем ваши ожидания, Андрей! :)

  19. shawn says:

    I really like this plugin–very nice design and functionality, but for the life of me I can’t get captions to show up for my images. Everything is set to show, and the images have captions, but the caption bar remains blank.

    Any thoughts? And thanks for creating such a cool plugin!


    • TheThe Fly says:

      Please describe your case on our support forum and leave your page URL for us to check.

  20. Rams says:

    Im weeping as we speak, after your fascinating tabs plugin this keeps getting better and better, you guys totally deserve a donation! keep the development coming guys!!!

  21. Bill Kernoczy says:

    Hi There

    Fantastic, easy to use plugin. I’m using it with twenty eleven and it works like a dream.

    My quesry is how do you change the font of the caption?

    Thanks for you work – dontation to follow!



    • TheThe Fly says:

      You can use HTML code in the caption area. So, both CSS styles or embed styles like <div style="font-family: Arial, Serif;">Caption Text</div> will work.

  22. Mark says:

    Looks to be a promising plugin, however do you have detailed documentation on how to use this plugin?


    1) How to get rid of the empty grey area that apears on each image

    2) how to add text to these areas

    3) How to add links, etc…

    Many thanks in advance!


    • Chibbles says:

      I agree, it’s a great slider, but some detailed documentation would have been very useful! Even a five minute video showing someone uploading an image and creating a slider.

      I did eventually figure out how to make it look like I wanted.

      Mark –
      1) Go to “edit slide” and set the opacity to 100. A bit counter-intuitive, but it works.

      Thanks TheThe Fly!

  23. says:

    Dear FlyFly Team,
    your image slider is really awesome and I love how flexible it is! The downside though is that activiating it seems to disable the plugin “lightbox2″.
    I would love to use both plugins:
    - “Image slider” on my homepage and portfolio pages
    - lightbox2 on my blog-post pictures.

    Do you have an idea why the lightbox2 plugin doesn’t work when activating your image slider? (whenever I deactivate the image slider, the lightbox works again)

    Thank you for your time,

    • TheThe Fly says:

      Your report has been noted. We will try to fix this conflict in the future.

  24. ade says:

    is there an easy way of batch inserting slides into a slider ?

    • TheThe Fly says:

      Unfortunately, there is no such an option yet. We will consider adding it in the future.

  25. Arthur Duffy says:

    I am having a problem trying to get this plugin to work in the header for the twenty eleven theme. I do know the code that has to be placed there… if (function_exists(‘get_thethe_image_slider’)) {
    print get_thethe_image_slider(‘SliderName’);
    But do not know where to place it, would you give me some direction in this for I am a novice at WordPress. Thanks in advance.

    • TheThe Fly says:

      Try to edit the header.php file of your theme.

  26. Vinz says:

    Hi there, could you please give me a little advice (I’m new to all this coding stuff). I’ve been able to create and add photos to a slideshow, but from there I’m unsure of how to make it visible on my website, can you please advise. I can’t seem to find any instructions anywhere.

    • TheThe Fly says:

      On the Sliders and Slides page, next to your created slider you will find a shortcode for that slider that looks like [thethe-image-slider name=”YourSliderName”]. Just copy it and paste it into any page or post.

      • Vinz says:

        OHHH, I was coping it without the brackets, doh!!!

        Thanks so much. It really is a great and easy plugin. Thank you

        • Vinz says:

          *copying (typing in excitement!)

  27. Manoj says:


    Thanks for the great plugin. The interface is very good and easy.

    Is it possible to have the previous and next buttons in thumbnail navigation? I feel that the mousemove function associated with the thumbnails is not smooth.(at least for me).


    • TheThe Fly says:

      We will think about your suggestion and possibly implement with next releases of the slider.

  28. Manuel says:

    Hey guys, just wanted to say great work !a quick question; i was looking at a web site called and on all the main product description pages they have a way of showing you a zoom , on the side,of any part of the main picture that you choose you want to see better. Do you guys have any thing like that or know where i should look ? thank you so much, and again, good luck !

    • TheThe Fly says:

      Thank you for the idea. As for now, we do not offer a zoom feature…

  29. TheThe Fly says:

    Dear visitors! Please use this form to comment on this post and our slider rather than ask support questions.

    Your support questions are welcome at our Support Forum:

  30. Faruk says:


    Excellent easy to use image slider. I can only find two things missing and hope you can implement these soon.

    1. If there can be a default image loaded prior to loading the sequence of images. Because at the moment there is bit of a delay loading all the images on a blank space.

    2. Able to hide/reveal thumbnails with mouse over.

    • TheThe Fly says:

      Thanks for your ideas. We will try to implement them with the next release of the plugin.

  31. Dan says:

    Hi there, I am using your slide – it is great! It worked really well on my local host but when I got my site live, it is no longer working. I did a new slide importing photos from file but still doesn’t work. Am I meant to put photos in image plugins file so it sync?

    I’m not sure what to do – please help!


  32. Nadine says:

    Really nice code, however we need some direction as to how to have our drop down navigation appear in front of the Image Slider. I am hesitant to mess around with the code and I really want to use the Image Slider at the top of my pages, but if I can’t set a transparency on the object, I’m going to have to find another slider.

    Please help?

    Thank You

  33. Tyrone says:

    Is there any videos on how to put up a slide show because I done everything that was showed how to put it up on my site and mine still dont work and now I dont know what to do I’m just about to give up on this please help

  34. sandip says:

    The slider appears in a white colored box. Is it possible to remove it altogether?

    Alternatively, can I choose the color of that box so that it will blend well with the color of the page?

  35. JudyAnn says:

    does this work with a multisite installation? I’m having a problem with my images showing up.

    • TheThe Fly says:

      Yes, it works. Our own demo sites are built on the network WP with this plugin installed.

  36. Jenny says:

    Hi guys!
    First of all, I love this slider, it’s gorgeus. However I can’t seem to make it work on my website?
    I’ve installed it, made a slider and uploaded the slider but all that shows is the black frame. It’s loading inside the frame but nothing ever shows. What have I done wrong?

    Thankful for any kind of help!

  37. Simon says:

    I have a suggestion and a simple solution, I came across your gallery/slider, really brilliant, but it didn’t have a zoom function, so I integrated it with a lightbox gallery plugin with a simple line of code in the thethe-image-slider.php page $output .= $url ? ‘ ‘ : ”;

    I just added the rel=”lightbox” and it worked a treat.

    guys this is a great plugin.

  38. Nikki says:

    [thethe-image-slider name="Slider1"]

    Please, where do I put this? I do not understand what I should replace???

    if (function_exists(‘get_thethe_image_slider’)) {
    print get_thethe_image_slider(‘Slider Name’);

  39. kadong says:

    Hi your plugin really works great and i love it! Thank you!

    But I got this problem. I don’t know why and I’ve been searching for the answer but no luck so here I am asking directly.

    I got the thumbnails working and everything on my local computer. But then when I uploaded it to the server(godaddy).. the thumbnails doesn’t seem to appear. I tried playing around with the plugin settings but no luck. The slider works and the thumbs can be click.. the only problem is you can’t see any image on the thumbs.

    Please let me help, thanks.

  40. Diego says:

    Is there a way to have the captions remain static while the pictures fade underneath? That way you could keep the same text over a slideshow. Thanks

    • TheThe Fly says:

      Thank you for the idea. We will try to implement it with our future releases.

  41. Angela says:

    Hi, your slider is great, i wanna know if its possible to change the size of the thumbnails, coz im trying to resize it n i culdnt, I see that its a function inside a .php file but i need to resize the thumbnails, am i doing something wrong? please help!!!

    • TheThe Fly says:

      Unfortunately, you can’t change image thumbs as for now.

  42. Laura says:

    Hi. I’m using the image slider with a Pagelines theme and when I try to place the slider in the header.php, I can only get it to show up above the header. When I try the index.php, I can only get it to show up in the footer. Would it be possible to make a widget for this plug-in so it can be more easily placed? Or do you have any other ideas for me?

    • TheThe Fly says:

      Just use the TEXT widget and put the slider’s shortcode inside it. Read this for more details:

  43. andi says:

    Love this slider! How can I get rid of that little “question mark” near the bottom that links back to you guys? I know, it’s a FREE slider, but does it have to be there?

    • TheThe Fly says:

      Just uncheck an appropriate checkbox on the slider’s settings page..

  44. Cara says:

    I love this slider and have used it with success on another site. However, with my latest WP site, I load the code into my index file and it appears on my homepage, but it just looks like it’s continually loading. The slider frame is present, but no images appear. Can you advise? Thanks in advance!

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