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Plugins That We Recommend – WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is a caching plugin for WordPress that generates static HTML versions of pages and posts and updates them at intervals of your choice. These files are served directly by Apache and speeds up WordPress blogs. This reduces the need for server-side processes to generate a post or page whenever a visitor requests them. The WP Super Cache has been seen to improve page response times of unprimed caches by 259.1% by decreasing page load time from 9.56s to 3.69s for even a content-dense blog or web page.

The WP Super Cache is an offshoot of the WP Cache 2 created by Ricardo Galli Granada that caches blog pages and delivers these without any access to the database. The WP Cache 2 however still involved loading the PHP engine to serve the cached files. WP Super Cache has overcome that and generates HTML files without having to load a single line of PHP. This is a distinct advantage in caching web pages and blogs.

How It Works

WP Super Cache was created to imitate the conventional manual page caching method, but to execute it in an automated fashion. When a viewer who has not left a comment or has not logged in to your site visits it, he is offered a static HTML page from the super-cache sub-directory within the WordPress cache directory. If one navigates to the cache directory, then one can see a replica of the permalink structure and the HTML files within the directories.

Leading Features

  • The WP Super Cache has a plugin and hooks system, which is built in to change how or when pages are cached.
  • The WP Super Cache works normally with WordPress MU in VHOST or non-VHOST configurations. Performance is enhanced when the cache files of each blog post are identified by the plugin.
  • The usual WP Cache files are divided into two and the meta files are entered in another directory. This makes the entire process of scanning and updating the cache much faster.
  • The WP Super Cache has a ‘lock down’ button that keeps the static cache files secure so that they are not deleted when a new entry is made.
  • WP Super Cache acts as an automatic ‘lock down’ system for each page on your website. The static files can be regenerated when serving an outdated file and this reduces the load on a busy server to a substantial extent.
  • WP Super Cache has a far better support structure for Microsoft Windows.


We recommend WP Super Cache as one of must-have plugins for a WordPress site. The plugin works to make a copy of web pages on the server and thereby speeds up page load time and also lowers resource consumption. In Internet marketing, getting your website ranked on the major search engines is crucial. WP Super Cache speeds up page load which is one of the factors that enables search engines to index the site. If a page takes very long to load, there is every chance that the search engine bots would move on without marking it.

WP Super Cash Home Page.

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