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I’ve described our newest theme, TheThe Shot, as “one part Gawker, one part film noir, and one part professional photography studio.” And I keep coming back to the film noir part. The more I click through the live demo, the more I feel like I’m in L.A. Confidential or The Maltese Falcon.

So I’ll go ahead and say it: This is one of my personal favorites. From the old-school typeface to the menus that burst into color when you hover over them, this theme just strikes me as really cool. All TTF themes are well-made, flexible, and niche-worthy, but this one would draw me in as a reader looking for flair that’s not overstated.

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2011 was a heck of a year for us. We’ve learned more than I thought we’d be able to fit into our brains, made a mistake or two, and made a lot of products we’re all really proud of. To start out the new year, we’re putting our hard-bought market knowledge to work: Effective immediately, [...]
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This month’s theme, TheThe Revolution, picks up where other e-commerce and blogging themes leave off. It combines softer colors and all of the deep, intuitive architecture we put into every single one of our themes with a daring, futuristic look. Perfectly suited for people who want to push the marketing envelope, it’s designed to shape customer impressions and help you move products like never before.

This is the third theme we’ve developed, following TheThe Marketing and TheThe Promotion, that comes packaged with a per-designed sales page and squeeze page, as well as a bundle of hip, appealing marketing graphics to give your special offers, discounts, and highlighted products that extra zip so customers’ eyes are naturally drawn to them.

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Or Hanukkah, or Kwanza, or nothing at all if you’re an atheist. At any rate, we’ve got a holiday gift for you: take half off of any purchase you make during the rest of December.

To apply the discount, simply use the following Coupon Code when you place an order:

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TheThe Flourish Stylish WordPress Theme

When you’ve got it, you don’t have to flaunt it.

Our newest stylish WordPress theme, TheThe Flourish, is perfect for anyone who prefers a subtle look that gives visitors everything they need without throwing it at them. With smaller type, unobtrusive menus and graphics, and an intelligent layout that’s grounded in solid research about what makes a great user experience, this theme will make your blog or fashion website irresistible to web surfers.

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Sign up for a hosting account with Hostgator through our affiliate link and we’ll hook you up with:

  • A $9.95 discount from Hostgator
  • One of TheTheFly Premium Themes ($35.00 value) – FREE
  • Our professional WordPress installation services – FREE
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Dear TheTheFly WordPress Club Members: You’re welcome.

We just bought the rights to stream a TON of tutorials and how-to videos for bloggers and webmasters using WordPress, and they’re going to be available to anyone with a paid membership.

Just a taste of what’s in this mother lode of WP wisdom:

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After getting some more user feedback, we’ve made the following improvements to our simple and elegant image slider theme, TheThe Photographer:

  • No more image-jumping effect. Gallery photos no longer follow the movement of your mouse by default. Instead, an intuitive drag and drop tool allows you to move photos around the screen as you please.

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We would like to recommend you a website that is going to make it QUICK AND EASY for you to learn everything you ever wanted to know about WordPress. They have over 74 top-quality video tutorials and they keep adding 4-8 new ones each and every month! Some of the many topics covered in these video tutorials are…

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A good parent will never say which child she loves the most. So while we certainly care for all of the beautiful WordPress themes we’ve birthed over the past year, we just might be somewhat bad parents: At the moment, we’ve got a favorite. TheThe Photographer, our newest offering, is the offspring of months of hard work and applied experience on the part of Vladimir Verbetskiy, Alex Kalyuzhnyi, Pavel Tsydik, and Yuriy Sorochev. The sliders slide, the arrows point, and the drop-down menus drop with just a little bit more zest than before.

Live Demo

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Tabs and accordions add functionality to your site that is not only beautiful, but intuitive. Every visitor, from the seasoned programmer to the novice PC user, knows what to do when he sees a set of tabs. Accordions, on the other hand, can save an awful lot of screen real estate and let a user view content at her own pace.

While there are a number of plugins that can add this functionality to your WordPress site (in fact, we’ve got a dandy one right here), what if you’d rather code it directly into your site? Look no further. Using a few simple jQuery scripts, we’ll show you how to add tabs, toggles, and accordions.To add tabs to a single.php you should create:

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Have you ever wanted to spice up your blog by implementing something that many other blogs don’t have? Well now you can. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to add an icon to your menu items within your WP theme. This is a great little function that will add visibility and style to your blog.

Let’s discuss adding icons to menu items using WP’s standard TwentyTen theme as an example.This is the default theme that WordPress provides you with when you start a new blog, so we wanted to use this theme as our main example.

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I really look forward to the release of each new theme. With such an intuitive and interactive back end, customizations are a breeze. My favorite: the color schemes, of course!

Carolyn Moore

As a Best Selling Author and International Therapist my website has become a key to running my busy offices in Sydney, London and New York. I purchased the THETHE Marketing theme as it appeared to be the best one for my practice. During that time my team have needed help with several items and indeed the list began to grow as our people were not that familiar with code.

The technical support, back up and service that we required meant that the staff at THETHE went out of their way to help us. They have been the very best technical support team I have experienced since the Internet arrived... and I have owned many websites over the years and these guys are brilliant.

Every time we contacted them they were there to offer assistance and advice.Thank you guys your service and expertise is remarkable.

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