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SEO has always been a complicated subject with few inviolable rules that aren’t subject to drastic change as Google updates its search algorithms. 2012 looks to be even more confusing and uncertain, especially for webmasters hoping to improve their search rankings through “traditional” SEO methods.

As chronicled by SEO Moz, Google has been picking up the pace in pursuit of its goal of promoting unique, useful content and demoting poor-quality, spam-like content. New algorithm updates and tweaks are likely to continue this year, destroying page rankings for some and doing large favors for others. New advances in web-crawling technology and the continued rise of sharing sites like Pinterest further muddy the waters while also presenting new opportunities.

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In this tutorial video we will show you how to create an XML sitemap for your WordPress site.

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In this tutorial video we will show you how to manage your WordPress site’s META tags.

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Permalink structure is an important consideration for any website, and it’s especially crucial to get it right before your WordPress site has grown to hundreds of posts. Choose the wrong structure initially, and you may find yourself with dozens of orphaned pages when you switch to a new one. Not to worry: we’ve got you covered.

We recommend against the typical /%category%/%postname% structure that is often recommended for SEO purposes. Why would we go and do that, you ask? Take it away, WordPress Codex:

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