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Maintaining an affiliate program?
Provide your affiliates with unique articles, and get ready to watch your affiliate sales skyrocket!

Tested and proven! Affiliate Unique Article Feeder puts your product on the map with the world’s most powerful affiliate article marketing content campaign.

The only WordPress plugin you need to launch your affiliate program and article marketing initiative into hyperdrive.
  • Article marketing drives more traffic and generates more sales than any other technique. For the first time ever, you can automate the process and send fresh, unique, keyword-driven articles to all your affiliates in real time!
  • Transform one powerful article into many through AUA Feeder’s intelligent article parser. Get more use out of each article!
  • Automatically send each unique article, with affiliate links already embedded, directly to each affiliate’s blog or web site for immediate publication.

Give your affiliates the tools they need to bring home the sales! Drive keyword-rich, unique articles to your affiliates fresh daily and watch your traffic grow.

Price: $39.00.

Download Affiliate Unique Article Feeder Now!

Create the most powerful and profitable affiliate program ever! Affiliate Unique Article Feeder gives you everything you need to create a traffic-driving, results-oriented affiliate program that consistently brings in sales, day after day. Your affiliates make money-you make money!

  • Easy scheduling
  • Automatic operation
  • Drive unique content to your affiliate’s sites
  • Give your affiliates the tools they need to MAKE YOU MONEY!

Your affiliates want to bring home the big bucks-now you can help them do it! Empower your affiliates today, and start bringing in some serious money with Affiliate Unique Article Feeder. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to get started, and how quickly the affiliate sales will start rolling in!

Seeing is Believing: Live Demo

To see our AUAFeeder in action, simply view what we provide our affiliates with: a special RSS feed for each of them.

As you may see, all the texts have the same meaning while they are still unique from the search engines point of view. And try the links in the RSS output – all of them have affiliate codes of our affiliates already implemented. Isn’t it a magic!?

Get a tool that will allow you to do the same for your affiliates!

Article Marketing Drives Traffic and Pulls Sales

Information is the currency of success. Successful marketing is no longer based on simple ad pitches and clever commercials. Consumers want more than that-they want information. Internet marketing campaigns that use informative articles to drive traffic are enormously successful. Marketers use these articles to inform their prospects about their products, how to use them, and how they can benefit from them. It’s called education-based marketing.

Here’s a simple example: suppose you sell garden supplies. If your marketing content describes your supplies effectively, you’ll make some sales. But when you start to include informative articles about gardening, tips for getting rid of snails, or insight into how to grow the biggest tomato, you’ll start to see some real results. You’re no longer just giving your prospects an ad pitch-you’re giving them value. And that’s what drives sales. Affiliate Unique Article Feeder gives you the tools to drive that process.

You can fully automate the process of getting your high quality, UNIQUE article content to all of your affiliates!

Combining Article Marketing with Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketers want easy solutions. They want to create self-sustaining sites that generate traffic and earn commissions while they sleep. But not all affiliate programs are created equal. As any affiliate marketer will tell you, it’s often necessary to go through dozens of programs before finding one that works.

And what’s the key to a successful affiliate program? If you said, a good product, you’re only part of the way there. There are plenty of great products that never get sold. A profitable affiliate program that brings in the big bucks has three components that bring strength to the plan: a good product, a good affiliate network, and good information. We’ll leave it to you to come up with the great product ideas, but Affiliate Unique Article Feeder will build your affiliate network, and provide the framework for getting out that all-important information. This simple plugin will be the foundation of your education-based marketing plan.

What do affiliates need to succeed?

Some marketers launch an affiliate program, let affiliates sign up, and then expect them to just start referring business. If only it were that easy! It’s up to you to give them the tools they need to bring you the sales. Now, you can give your affiliates what they need:

  • Unique, high quality content
  • Links implemented
  • Automatic publishing

Your affiliates will get all three when you use Affiliate Unique Article Feeder.

Don’t leave your affiliates in the dark – give them access to information-rich articles, fully customized, with links already embedded!

Download Affiliate Unique Article Feeder Now!

Empowering your Affiliates

Look at any affiliate program, and you’ll see they all have a few things in common. They have a set of autoresponders, email messages, and banner advertisements for the affiliates to use, but what’s going to set your affiliate program apart from the rest? Unique content!

Give your affiliates high quality, unique articles, with ready-made trackable affiliate backlinks.

Your affiliates will have the tools they need to drive traffic and make the sale!

You Maintain Quality Control

A common problem with affiliate merchants is that affiliates may write their own content to wrap around the provided banner ads. What happens when you have hundreds of different marketers writing about your product niche? You’re going to have inconsistent quality of information. Some of your affiliates will just throw together some text, some will hire substandard writers that barely speak English, and maybe if you’re lucky, a few will have or hire some real talent.

We talked about how today we live in the information age, and information is the currency of success. Well, bad information is the currency of failure, and the most important element of a good information-based article marketing campaign is maintaining quality control.

Affiliate Unique Article Feeder lets you retain this level of control. You or your professional copywriters create the articles.

Big companies have PR departments that maintain strict control over what is said about them. Their regional dealerships, salespeople, or channel partners are provided with marketing content and articles. More often than not, anything the independent dealers say in print has to be vetted by headquarters. It’s a strategy that works.

Don’t rely on your affiliates to create their own article content!

  • Be like the big companies, but without the big budget.
  • Provide your affiliates with high-quality, customized, link-ready articles.
  • Let your affiliates focus on marketing and sales.

Custom Content

Search engines don’t like duplicate content, and if you have a thousand affiliates all publishing the exact same article, they will all get lost in the search results. Affiliate Unique Article Feeder gives you a solution to the duplicate content problem!

Your affiliates can each get custom content-but you don’t have to write completely unique articles for every single affiliate. The process is simple:

  1. You or your professional copywriter creates interchangeable paragraphs and titles-or even interchangeable sentences.

  2. Affiliate Unique Article Feeder rotates the content.

  3. Different variations of the article set are distributed to your affiliates.

  4. Your articles (with feedback links already embedded) are published in your affiliates’ blogs and web sites through RSS feeds automatically!

How does Affiliate Unique Article Feeder Help Merchants?

Affiliate marketing gives merchants and product vendors an army of salespeople, all anxious to promote products and make sales. Have a product to sell? Hiring an in-house sales staff is expensive. Affiliates are independent Internet marketers who will drive traffic back to your site and build up your sales numbers.

When you launch Affiliate Unique Article Feeder, you can empower those affiliates with the tools they need to succeed.

  • Provide your affiliates with ready-made articles for their web sites and blogs. Affiliates may not have the time or the skills to create effective, traffic-driving articles for their own use. You can make sure you’re putting this powerful tool into their hands.
  • Maintain quality control. Don’t risk having affiliates you’ve never met creating low-quality articles. You can take charge of your article marketing program, making sure each and every one of your affiliates are using articles that you have personally vetted for accuracy and quality.
  • Provide your affiliates with unique content. With Affiliate Unique Article Feeder, you can create custom phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and titles, which are automatically rotated to make each one unique.
  • Foolproof process for you and your affiliates! It’s easy to use. Affiliate Unique Article Feeder is a convenient alternative to creating hundreds of individual articles, manually embedding links, and sending them out to each affiliate.
  • Drive sales! The biggest benefit is to your bottom line. It’s a powerful marketing tool that drives traffic, generates sales, and empowers your affiliates with the tools they need to get the job done and bring home the money.

How does Affiliate Unique Article Feeder Help Affiliates?

Merchants shouldn’t expect their affiliates to bring in sales without a little help. You need to provide them with tools, incentives, and inspiration (usually in the form of a check!). Affiliate Unique Article Feeder empowers your affiliates, giving them the tools they need to transform your affiliate opportunity into a legitimate, fully-functioning business.

  • Easy access to article content for article marketing campaigns. Affiliates won’t have to generate their own content-they can rely on their merchant partners to send publish-ready articles, with backlinks already embedded, direct to their blogs and web sites.
  • Unique content. Affiliates may not have the time, the resources, or the ability to create hundreds of unique articles. With Affiliate Unique Article Feeder, they don’t have to. Unique content is fed directly to affiliates, so all they have to do is manage their own programs.
  • Automation! Affiliates want and need easy-to-use programs. An affiliate may be running hundreds, or even thousands of blogs, web sites, and email campaigns. The new level of automation brought by Affiliate Unique Article Feeder makes sure that your articles get priority-and never get lost in the shuffle.
  • Links are already implemented. Customizing every article and every piece of marketing collateral with specialized URLs can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Affiliate Unique Article Feeder brings a new level of automation to the process, so links are implemented easily-and commissions can be easily tracked.
  • Make big money! Affiliates want programs that produce. An affiliate program that is built on Affiliate Unique Article Provider has an edge over all other affiliate programs. Affiliates know they can rely on a merchant that uses this simple plugin to deliver the results, send excellent, automated article content to drive traffic, and deliver those big commissions!

Create an extraordinary affiliate program that:

  • Gets results
  • Ensures quality control
  • Automates the entire process

Buy today for just $39.00!

Order Now!


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