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TheThe Sliding Panels

TheThe Sliding Panels WordPress plugin provides 5 types of JavaScript-powered Sliding Panels – Top, Bottom, Left, and Right side panels and a Modal Window floating above the main webpage. These sliding panels can be used to organize your content in a Web 2.0 style.

How does it work?

Installing and activating TheThe Sliding Panels plugin on your WordPress site will cause activation of the following widget areas: Top Sliding Panel, Bottom Sliding Panel, Left Sliding Panel, Right Sliding Panel, and Modal Window. You can set all parameters of a panel as well as add any widget into each Sliding Panel/Modal Window widget area.

It is not necessary to use all Sliding Panels and Modal Window on your website. You are free to activate only the panels that you need on your webpage because even if activated, any sliding panel remains invisible until a widget is placed in the corresponding widget area.

Why use Sliding Panels on your website?

Sliding panels help in improving your website by:

  1. Increasing usability of your webpage: Using sliding panels on your main webpage enhances the user experience, makes it easy to use by visitors as well as makes your website look more aesthetic and professional.

  2. Avoiding multiple pages with smaller elements: Having to load pages over and over is annoying for many users and avoiding that is definitely a good thing for your website. With sliding panels, the user doesn’t need to load an entirely new page to access the small elements as they can appear floating on the main page itself.

  3. Allowing effective use of page space: With sliding panels, you can get rid of those elements that don’t need to be on your main page. For example, rather than putting a full feedback form on each page, you can just provide it on a right/left sliding panel.

Sliding panels work well for:

  • Contact us, Opt-in, Sign-Up and Log-In Forms
  • Alerts, Notices and Reminders
  • Quick Tips, Help and Support Elements
  • Embedding PDFs, Videos and downloads
  • Search Boxes

So, if you want to enhance user experience and/or provide extras to your visitors, adding Sliding Panels is a good option.

Seeing is Believing

See live demo here:

Screenshots Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Once TheThe Sliding Panels WordPress plugin has been configured and activated, how can I place my content into it?

    On activation, each panel/window creates its corresponding widget area in the WP Admin section:

    • Top Panel -> Top Sliding Panel widget area
    • Bottom Panel -> Bottom Sliding Panel widget area
    • Left Panel -> Left Sliding Panel widget area
    • Right Panel -> Right Sliding Panel widget area
    • Modal Window -> Modal Window widget area

    So, you can just go to Appearance’Widgets from your WP Admin Dashboard and place your HTML/content/widget in the widget areas created by TheThe Sliding Panels WordPress plugin.

  2. What is that ‘Suppressing Cookie’ panel parameter for?

    Leave it blank if you are not sure what it is for. Actually, this is an advanced option that helps you control your panel/window opening logic. It allows you to keep your Sliding Panels deactivated when some cookie is present on the visitor’s computer.

    For example, if you want to display your Modal Window with your Newsletter Opt-In Form only for those visitors who have not been subscribed yet, you can choose to do so. In this case, when someone subscribes to your newsletter, you can set a cookie ‘Subscriber‘ to him. Then, enter this name in the ‘Suppressing Cookie‘ field of the panel. And you are done!

    Those visitors who have already subscribed to your newsletter will not see your modal window anymore, while new visitors will continue seeing it until they subscribe.

  3. I have entered all parameters – Corner Radius, Shadow Size and Color for my sliding panel but it seems that they are all ignored. How can I change the parameters for my sliding panels?

    Since Corner Radius, Shadow Size and Color parameters are set using CSS3 specification, some browsers like IE may not support them. Visitors who browse your site through modern browsers will see all the settings; but those who use browsers that do not support CSS3 will not.

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The technical support, back up and service that we required meant that the staff at THETHE went out of their way to help us. They have been the very best technical support team I have experienced since the Internet arrived... and I have owned many websites over the years and these guys are brilliant.

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